Local Words

Local Words

It was International Poetry Day this week, and BBC Radio had a nice angle on this, focussing on local words. On Radio 4’s Today they brought in lexicographer Susie Dent and poet Liz Berry. Liz read a poem entitled ‘Bowbowler’ a tremendous Black Country word for a big moth. Susie talked about the many words for woodlice names and alleyways, both subjects close to my heart. Over the years I have on occasion gathered local words that people have tweeted me which I've collected together on the website Storify, which allows you to archive collections of tweets. I gathered all the links to the various 'storifies' here. There’s hours of reading here, but it’s time well spent, I promise you.

Pea bugs, Slaters & Monkey Pigs - names for woodlice

Alley Names

Snap, Pack Up and Bait - names for a packed lunch.

Hangnails, Wicklows and Spills

Backies, Croggers and Takeys - when you give someone a lift on the back of your pushbike

Picking Rhymes - playground rhymes

Burmos - a very niche word for trousers

Bundles, Piley Ons And Other Playground Heaps

Playing Truant

Nesh - do you feel the cold?

Poor Ginger - the game of knocking on doors and running away

Pom Pom, Tommy Ho and Releevio - a playground game with many names


Chewing Gum

Finally, something a little lighthearted and somewhat childish…

Wind Words - what do you say when someone breaks wind?

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