About Us

World of Moose is a creative partnership between Moose Allain, artist, cartoonist and prolific tweeter and Karen who runs the business side of things. They live and work by the sea in Devon.

While 'waiting' to become an artist Moose enjoyed a wide variety of jobs, from turfing a ha-ha for the National Trust to directing and performing children’s theatre in Manchester. For many years he worked in London as an architect specialising in urban regeneration and contributed to the UK´s successful Olympic bid. 

His work is known for his humour and wordplay. In his finely detailed, playful pictures, he creates a charming world from his imagination. 

In the last few years he has been involved in a wealth of other interesting projects and collaborations: he has had cartoons published in Private Eye and The Literary Review, published his first book called Fill-me-in, created animations for the BBC, drawn cartoon illustrations for the Pointless quiz show book, co-produced a music video for Elbow's song Lost Worker Bee, designed murals to decorate the interior of a waxing salon in Mexico City, produced a family guide for the Tate Britain's Lowry exhibition, a How “To Draw … Anything” guide for The Guardian website, he's even done a couple of bits of stand up in Soho, London.  

We have published a collection of his work called I Wonder What I'm Thinking About

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He says “My drawings often start with ink splashes or marks on the paper, not completely random as I choose colour and intensity of distribution, but chance plays a large part. Once the ink or paint has dried I come back to them – sometimes months later – and look for shapes, perhaps in the way that people look for recognisable forms in clouds. 

I like drawing small things. I take a piece of paper and splash some ink on it. Then say to myself “What are all these characters up to?” I think writing a caption transform the drawing from a pleasant doodle into something else. It contextualises the drawing in a way that surprises and delights. The joy for me is that the technique allows me to discover stories.“

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Moose photo by Steve Haywood