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It’s not like we’re jigsaw puzzle nerds

It’s not like we’re jigsaw puzzle nerds

It’s not like we’re jigsaw puzzle nerds, we’re not dedicated enough to master the challenge of putting together a sea of baked beans, for example.

For us it’s a social activity, for family holidays, weekends away with friends and rainy days. We puzzle and chat distractedly, actually enjoying time away from our screens.

On a recent weekend away in Herefordshire, we stumbled on some jigsaws of the work of the brilliant illustrator Charley Harper in the wonderful Hus & Hem shop and realised what a relaxing indulgence it is to dwell on a image you like, looking at each little detail as you piece it together.

However much you might be an art lover few of us give a picture this much attention. It was this idea that made us think we should do our own puzzles.

We had fun trying to find the right drawings to use. Enough detail and colour variation to make it an enjoyable challenge rather than something that fills you with existential angst. We think we’ve got the balance right. We’ve put together all three jigsaw designs now, they're not easy but they’re definitely the sort of puzzles we like doing. And we have to say we’ve all loved getting the puzzles out and enjoying a little holiday at home.

Moose & Karen

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