Oddbods and Misfits

Recently we received this lovely email from a customer, Caroline.

I was so thrilled to see the pictures and hear the story. Caroline and her daughter have created a truly original snapshot of their friends and family and we are proud and touched to have supplied the raw materials for their masterpiece.



It’s a perfect example of what try to achieve with my work - to create a basis for other people’s imaginations to take off.  It is fascinating to see how people see possibilities that I would never have imagined for our Fill-me-in and colouring posters.

Caroline wrote:

“My daughter and I have been using one of your colour me in posters as a little project over the last few months. Anyone who has visited our home, any friend and relation (we've even taken it with us on holiday) has completed a character. Its's finally finished and looks AMAZING. We're going to frame it and put it up in the kitchen. We used sharpies and lots of glitter and only had one incident of a 16 yr old boy drawing something inappropriate but I think we've got away with it!”

She goes on to say:

“The contributors ranged in age from 6 - 79. Lily is 14 and extremely sociable so we were never short of people asking to be part of our project. The girls particularly loved using the glitter.”

This makes me extremely happy, it's the perfect response to my work. I always hope people will take my posters and drawings as a starting point for their own creativity. Caroline and her family have done just this, even the 16 year old son…

“There was a slight hiccup when I left the picture and huge bag of sharpies on the kitchen table whilst Josh's friends were over. The contributions they made have been sufficiently covered up but i was furious. It was actually quite funny but extremely inappropriate seeing as various elderly relatives were also contributing.”




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