A New Dawn Rises On The World of Moose

Which is a bumptious way of saying we've got a BRAND NEW stonking 3-exclamation-mark-worthy website!!! For years we've had our old website which I crafted from dog hair, thistledown, cow gum and wishful thinking. It served us very well and had plenty of… "character". But this is the 20th Century, for goodness sake, and it's time we had a website that worked properly. So it should be MUCH EASIER for you to buy things, wherever you are in the world.

Of course it's not all about shopping, so we hope you will take time to explore as we add more stuff and generally zhuzh the whole place up. You may wish to have a poke about in my Nibblings, where we will endeavour to collect some of the more interesting things I've been involved in.

One of the main advantages about having a more modern, "with-it" website, is that you'll also be able to access my Twitter account, Instagram, Tumblr and Wordpress blogs. From the handy buttons at the bottom of the page. I like to see myself as an active "Man About The Internet". You'll also be able to leave comments (so long as they're nice), request newsletters and all manner of Web 2 kinds of stuff that are frankly a bit beyond me at the moment. I'm sure I'll learn. It's a New Dawn for the World of Moose, but in many ways it's just another day. Have fun!

Moose and Karen x

Phew I'm glad that's over, wasn't quite sure what to … what do you mean microphone's still on? What… this thing? So how do you… what you just press thi

May 03, 2013

Lots of luck (though you won’t need it) with the new website xx


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