When Waving Goes Wrong

Yesterday I started off a Twitter thread with this tweet:

Just did that thing where you mistakenly wave back at someone you think is waving at you. Especially embarrassing as they were on the TV.

Here are just a few of the responses I received. Many thanks to everyone who joined in, you can see all the Tweets on my Storify Page

Bacon of Hope @TobysTweets my housemate once mistakenly high fived a cyclist, who was actually just signalling to turn left
Dan G @DggoodDan I did a proper wave like you would to a toddler to a man who let me into his traffic lane. We were both dumbfounded.
Chris Fallon @ChrisFallon I once stood by to let older, fatter guy ahead of me at swimming pool showers. It was me in a mirror. :-(
isabelle tracy @hullfair Sat on slow bus, hand shading sun from eyes, I found my 'salute' gravely returned by homeless eccentric ex-soldier
Dave @davros82 I pulled the headphones off a mate who was sat in front of me at uni & let them ping back on his head. Twas a complete stranger
Tim @slimtim70 Uncle of mine once spotted his friend looking in a shop window,went over and playfully kicked him up the stranger.
Flothemidwife @flothemidwife  New mother I was visiting leaned towards me arm outstretched. I cuddled her. She was reaching for the light switch behind me.
Dave @davros82 haha. I held a strangers hand on the Paris metro thinking it was my wife's!
Nick Pettigrew @Nick_Pettigrew Childhood friend I'd not seen in 20 yrs in front of me on the bus. Smacked back of their head & said hello. You can guess...
Cromerty York @Cromerty I waved at my mum in a shop, and she waved back and, when I got close to her, I realised it was a mirror.
Bankrobber @YouBlades mate said "give us a chip, ya bastard!"(and promptly took 1)to, who he thought was one of us, complete stranger exiting chippy.
Wondering Woman @Boo_Sherratt In jacuzzi in hotel pool,saw 2 little hands inching round top edge on the pool side of jacuzzi. Smacked them-wasn't daughter!
Becky Mason @BeckyPengelly My dad once stuck his hand in his friends gaping pocket and gave a little tickle. Guess what...
Simon Woods @woodswine I jumped out of bed and embraced an electrician who from behind had looked like my mum putting socks away in a drawer

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