Colouring in for grown ups

Today we are excited to be launching our 3 new Colouring In Posters. Here I am conducting some quality control tests.

For the past three years I have drawn a colouring-in Advent calendar which you could download for free from our website. I think it's fair to say that they have gone down a storm with both children and adults. People started tweeting me their efforts. They were all great and some people had clearly dedicated a lot of time to them. We were touched to see people making them their own, weaving little stories together from our starting point. But what had also become clear is that there are many adults out there who enjoy colouring in, not just as a hobby, but in a rather profound process of relaxation, almost therapeutic in the calming effect it has. 

It's taken us a while to get round to making these colouring in posters. We've been making our fill-me-in 'party posters' for a few years. These are really designed for groups to colour but also – importantly – to write on. What has been enjoyable about them is the different uses people have put them to – for gathering jokes from a family weekend, as a house warming 'guest book', and of course we sell lots for birthdays and weddings.

Often people say to us that they'd love to colour in my pictures, especially the Littlemen series and the architectural work. We've come to realise how much people of all ages love colouring in and we thought we would be foolish not to make our own versions.

So here they are. Flowers, City & Oddbods.

You can link to the buying pages by clicking on the images below. 





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