The story of The Crow Fair - ink drawing

I'm still working on this drawing but I have put it in the plan chest for a few days. I will come back to it when the boys have gone back to school after Easter and the house is quiet again.

Here is its story to date...

The drawing I am working on at the moment is now called The Crow Fair. 

9th March 2015 -


13th March 2015 - It's unplanned & unnamed, so it's interesting for me to see how it develops and at what stage ideas kick in.

14th March 2015 - It has now become 'The Crow Fair' I kept this central field blank with the idea there'd be some event there, I'd thought about crows as I often put them in my drawings, but the Fair came after I'd drawn all the buildings. I decided I wanted the figures to be kind of magical realist too, rather than just human.


18th March 2015 - Today we found an unexpected visitor making his way to the Crow Fair. I hope to finish populating the drawing today and start with colour tomorrow.  

 20th March 2015 - Starting colour today. Karen has kindly labelled these for me to help with my colour-blindness.

23rd March - Continuing to add the first layer of colour today, being very careful not to smudge, letting it dry before adding the next layers....quite nerve wracking....  


24th March - Some views from the city today

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