Beautiful Words

A year or so ago I tweeted "If you tell me your favourite word, I might include it in a drawing." Twitter kindly responded and I did as promised.

I was reminded of this today as the brilliant @Cluedont on twitter was asking people for #ExcellentWords, and I realised I'd never gathered them properly.

So, here is the drawing, and as far as I'm able to gather, those who contributed. I had to miss a couple out for various practical reasons.

More lovely words I gathered from twitter here "Logophilia" on Storify.


Thank you to all contributors (and sorry to those I missed!):


Lisa Riemers ‏@lisariemers Bacon

Margo Milne ‏@MargoJMilne Frangipan

Amy Jackson ‏@Oxtale discombobulated

Lisa Riemers ‏@lisariemers Plethora

Mrs Tillington Flop ‏@MissTillyflop Gazumping

Paul Litchfield ‏@MrPLitchfield Invisible

Duncan Hothersall ‏@dhothersall Chrysanthemum.

Lisa Riemers ‏@lisariemers a plethora of bacon, actually, would be best.

Narespipple ‏@sparenipple Gymkhana

Alessandro ‏@AGAmasanti @lisariemers Plethora is a superb shout.

Scriblit ‏@Scriblit Defenestrate

Waste Of Good Skin ‏@wasteofgoodskin Lúdramán. It's a special kind of eegit.

That pant person ‏@gandhipants Kumquat

Rufus Hound ‏@RufusHound Halcyon

Mattso ‏@m4ttso cahoots

Wincey Willis ‏@WinceyWillis1 Kind

Sparkley Twinkle ‏@SparkleyTwinkle Echidna x

CAROVAN ‏@CarovanStudios Plinth

Ian Ellard ‏@IanKEllard Shropshire!

Danielle Richards ‏@Danielle_R76 mercurial

sarah ‏@sarah_kerry haberdashery

Jo Bliss ‏@jo_bliss Polyp.

Paul McClean ‏@pablomcc cantilever

Jenny O ‏@Moominstrudel thingamajig

vivienne clore ‏@Vivienneclore loquacious

Kooch ‏@Koochykooh onomatopoeia

Joshua Blackman ‏@Josh_Blackman Obsequious. (That's my word; I'm not abusing you.)

David Whitley ‏@mrdavidwhitley Chutzpah

Fairy WODMother ‏@RubyDeuce Obstreperous

Alison B ‏@akbea Kerfuffle

juux ‏@juux Propensity

Alan Stoob ‏@nazihunteralan Alan. Alan.

Tom Freethestones ‏@freethestones fiduciary

Neal Doran ‏@nealdoran I think 'awkward' has a bit of an onomatopoeic look about, if such a thing is possible.

Josie George ‏@porridgebrain Vestibule or pyjamas.

Eleanor ‏@Ellieplusone Onomatopoeia

Nicholas Mark ‏@mrnicholasmark Defenestrate.

The Quimsy ‏@TheQuimsy my favourite word is soliloquy. I like the shape it makes my mouth make & the way my tongue plays around my mouth as I say it.

Bloody Bishop ‏@bloodybishop Asbestos Chunk

Elaine ‏@eelstweeters myocardial infarction

Jumbo Hoorah ‏@Marvin100 Free (best when used in conjunction with Beer or Bar)

Michael Hill ‏@RadioMikeHill Gummibaum (German for rubber tree)

David Keeling ‏@davidpkeeling Soupbone

Donaldosaurus ‏@Donaldosaurus Plinth

Tom ‏@tdawks Plinth.

Stu. ‏@dysondoc Morning Moose. How about "frottage"?

John Edwards ‏@EuclidianBoxes Verisimilitude

Luna Soffio ‏@LunaSoffio bacon or butter or both!

Tom Freethestones ‏@freethestones @TheQuimsy also a fave of mine

Nick Frost ‏@nicholasfrost Eggnog.

B to A to the R R Y ‏@QuantumPirate Pantaloons

Toots ‏@izzymact mitton

Keri ‏@kerihw Bonekicker.

Karenwq4 ‏@Karenwq4 Gobshite. Best word ever and very useful.

Giant Rat of Sumatra ‏@GiantRatSumatra 'squinch'!


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