* * * Update 25 April 2014

I haven't had confirmation yet, but I've been told the picture sold for £300+, so that's great news. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

* * * Update 15 February 2014

This is the finished drawing. I've posted the finished drawing in higher resolution on twitter, hopefully at a legible scale! The link is here

* * * Update 12 February 2014

The drawing is now FINISHED, so please don't send any more words to me!

I hope to put a viewable version online, but please bear in mind that this is an original drawing intended for private sale at a charity auction, so I can't reproduce it for wider distribution (although I will look into this).

* * * Update 5 February 2014

I have now received tons of responses via Twitter and Facebook. I have gathered all the tweets here. It makes fascinating reading - I'm looking forward to turning them into a drawing. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, see below!)

I have been invited to submit a piece of work to a charity auction, as part of an exhibition at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery in Honiton, Devon.

Proceeds will go to the Honiton Memory Cafe and Honiton Hospital League of Friends.

The exhibition is called "Recollection: a contemporary art exhibition exploring memory", and I'd love your help with the piece.

Now, I'm intending to create a small drawing, a landscape, made up of words. I could just use my own thoughts and memories, but I thought it would be more interesting to create something from a sort of collective memory, by 'crowd sourcing' the words.

So - I'd like you to look at the photograph below and let it trigger a thought, a memory, a word… it doesn't really matter what it is - your first responses are probably the best.

I would then like you to tweet me (preferably) your word or phrase. Ideally it would fit in one tweet, and you should use the hashtag #hulbertmemory.

The aim is to use your words as the raw materials to make a drawing similar to this…

You can tweet me @mooseallain. Please make sure you use the hashtag (note it's 'hulbert' with an 'l') or I may miss your response. I can't promise that I will include your words (or if I do, that they will be legible!) and of course I reserve the right to change them as I see fit! I will try to credit everyone who contributes with a username, possibly on an accompanying certificate… I haven't quite worked that out yet.

I will of course keep you posted via twitter of any developments.

Thank you!


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