Our new Cartoon Gallery

I frequently post my cartoons on Twitter, and whenever I do people ask if they can buy them (often on a t-shirt or a tea towel, as a tattoo for their dog, or as the crest on a mediaeval tabard – that sort of thing).
We've been trying to find a way of doing this, making the cartoons affordable but viable for us to produce and we think we might have managed it. So we're very excited to launch our new Cartoon Gallery.
(Imagine the sound of a fanfare at this point)
Each cartoon is a signed, original postcard sized ink drawing on card. We will replace the drawings occasionally, as we sell them, so if you see one that you like but it's sold, let us know and I can redraw it for you.
You can buy them mounted, ready for a standard frame or with a cardboard backing at a slightly lower price.
Each drawing comes with a title card which you can personalise with a short message. See the images on the website for examples.
I think that's about it, why not have a good old poke around?
If you like these cartoons, you might also like the collections I've done for the Literary Review. And these I created for P Mag in Belgium.

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