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Hand Drawn Postcards

For a long time I felt that everything I drew needed to be a completely new idea. I couldn't repeat myself, everything had to be original. It's partly why I have so many styles and why I find it hard to summarise what my work is like (something I'm trying to address in my Unbound book!).

Of course some artists spend a lifetime working away at one idea, trying to perfect it and interrogate it, so it's not like I think my way has more integrity. I suppose it's just habit.

Anyway, this is all by way of talking about the fact that we're going to start selling hand-drawn postcards. Each one will be an original (ie not a print/reproduction). We'll put it up on the site and if one person buys it I will draw another similar one to replace. We started doing this with my cartoons a while back and we think it works really well: people get an original work of art, it's affordable but priced so that it's worth my while sitting down to draw it, and I don't have to come up with new ideas all the time.

It's also exciting for me because it becomes a creative medium where I can play around with ideas, post them to social media and people can buy them straight away if they like them. I love that immediacy of interaction.

So have a look at what's on offer and remember if what you see has sold out you can get in touch and ask me to draw a new one. 

Have a look at them here

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